Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our own food to the venue?

Currently, we only allow cakes to be brought in for the functions. We highly encourage you to serve your guests with our finger food and meals.

Can we hire our own DJ, band and/or play our own choice of music?

Yes, you absolutely can! Keep in mind though that the noise level should be at a level reasonable for a residential area.

Are parties for minors allowed?

Unfortunately, we do not cater to underage parties yet. In a party for adults, you may bring along minors but keep in mind that there is a 9:00PM curfew along with the law of having an accompanying responsible adult per minor.

May I decorate the venue?

Yes, you may arrange the existing decorations or put up new ones. We do, however, recommend that you discuss this with us first to avoid any confusion. We do not allow pins and confetti.

May I charge for my function/event?

Yes, both at-the-door sales and presale setups.

Do you offer free presentation facilities such as microphones, projectors, screens, televisions and others?

Currently, we do not offer presentation facilities.